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Whether you’ve only got a few loose panels, need an entire fence installation, or anything in between. We are the leading provider of professional and affordable fence repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

Well-maintained fences are vital to keeping you and your home secure from the outside world. When it comes to securing your property, perception is oftentimes half the battle. The mere sight of a structurally-sound fence forces criminals looking for an easy score to continue looking. That’s why we have the top-trained fencing specialists that will make your project our priority. 


Wood fences are by far the most commonly used fences for homes across the United States. There are different types of wood fences and not all wood has the same quality. Maintenance costs are pretty low with wood fences and they tend to last a long time. They are usually made up of single piece wood panels for traditional privacy, or taller, closely-compacted ones for more privacy. Generally, panels that are taller or made with better quality wood will cost more, but they will certainly last longer. They make a great choice for homeowners in suburbs and the city. 


Aluminum fences are a low-cost, attractive, maintenance free option. They are very customizable and available in different sizes and heights, but do not always offer the greatest strength. Because of this, they are not recommended for areas with severe weather.


Vinyl fences have a low material cost, high installation cost, and almost no maintenance cost. They are stronger and more flexible than traditional wooden fences, and look great in many different applications. The higher-end vinyl fences are thicker and peerless, making them resistant to damaging sun-rays, cracking, dents, and breakage.

​In lower temperatures, they can become brittle and when damaged the entire segment has to be replaced instead of individual pieces. They are a great option for privacy and are most commonly white in color, but are available in many different colors.

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