Took down 2 40ft pine trees, and trimmed off the dead limbs on the others.

They did an excellent job – in fact, I’m going to have them come out again this year and take down a 40′ infected tree. It’s much better to trim trees than suffer the damage when they fall.

Removed 3 trees, trimmed 1 tree overhanging driveway.

The 3-man team arrived on time, with all their equipment, including a chipper and truck to hold the chips, and a small tractor to haul limbs to the chipper. They verified which trees were to be removed. Two of the trees were in a narrow space between my house and the neighbor’s. The trees were expertly dropped without any damage to houses or bushes. All debris was cleaned up. They worked quickly and had it all done in an hour!

Removed many trees, and trimmed and shaped many trees.

I have hired Appalachian several times in the pat to do tree work for me, and have been continually satisfied and impressed by their work. Pedro came by on schedule to give an estimate, which was reasonable, and scheduled the work to be completed within 2 weeks. The work crew was punctual, professional, and cleaned up completely after themselves. They cut down trees, ground stumps, and trimmed and shaped beautifully.


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